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Bulk candles

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Bulk candles in white color. 


Bubble candle: 6x6x5.5cm
Pearl bubble candle: 7.5x6cm
Knot candle: 6.5 x 6.5cm
Medium swirl candle:8.5×7.5cm
Small Swirl candle: 5x5.5cm
Cherub candle: 9.4 x 8cm
Small Middle finger candle: 9.5x5cm
Fuck it candle: 11.8x3.5x3cm

- Unscented decorative candle. 

- All-natural soy wax.

- It’s hand-poured in small batches so it may have minor defects and color slightly vary. 

- Cannot guarantee that each one will be fully burned since it’s irregular shaped.

- Please read our candle care instructions before burning.